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  • What is the Early College Program?
    Early College is a rigorous and challenging program for students who are academically at, or above, grade level. Students should apply in Grade 8 for entry in Grade 9.  With access to demanding college courses, this program seeks individuals who are intrinsically motivated to achieve their personal goals through the goals of the program. With the demands of the curriculum, it is imperative that parents and teachers commit themselves to supporting the personal development and academic growth of each scholar.
    As a participant in the program, students have access to the high-level labs, equipment, classrooms and facilities at the college. As a result, Early College students benefit from an engaging accelerated academic program, with the convenience and familiarity of a school close to home

    Early College is an academic, dual enrollment, acceleration program developed to propel highly motivated students into an Associate’s degree program while simultaneously earning a high school diploma. Through a partnership with Florida State College at Jacksonville, candidates are able to also transfer these credits toward a Bachelor’s degree with no out of pocket expense.

    Acceptance into the Early College Program

    Admission into Early College is by application only and open to all students who meet the following criteria: 

    • Complete application signed by both parent and student indicating agreement to all expectations and continuation policies. 
    • 3.0 or higher unweighted high school GPA.
    • Successful completion of Algebra 1 in middle school.
    • Passing 8th grade FSA scores in Reading and Algebra 1 EOC.
    • Student-written paragraph describing primary goal while attending Early College High School and how you plan to accomplish it.

    Succeeding in the Early College Program and Program Continuation

    In order to continue in the Early College Program students must:

    Grade 8

    • Successful completion of Algebra 1 course prior to the start of Grade 9
    • Successful promotion to Grade 9 

    Grade 9

    • Must have a minimum 3.0 unweighted cumulative high school grade point average when Semester 1 grades finalize.
    • Earn an acceptable score for admission into Florida State College at Jacksonville on college readiness testing (PERT, ACT or SAT) prior to the end of the Grade 9 (Reading and Writing). (When taking PERT for the first time, students must be tested in all three subject areas: reading, writing and math.)
    • Students must successfully complete the SLS course during the Spring of Grade 9 for continued eligibility. 

    Grade 10

    • Students must earn at least 9 credit hours by the end of Grade 10.
    • Earn an acceptable score for admission into Florida State College at Jacksonville on a math college readiness test (PERT, ACT or SAT) by May 1st or prior to the student exceeding 12 credit hours of dual enrollment, whichever comes first. 


    • Maintain a minimum 3.0 unweighted cumulative high school grade point average
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 FSCJ cumulative grade point average
    • Student and parent(s)/guardian(s) must adhere to the Dual Enrollment Contract 

    Important Reminders

    • Students must complete the State-mandated 15 credit hours of “Core” General Education courses prior to earning 24 total hours of college credit.
    • Once at the college, students must remain enrolled in four classes and enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
    • If a student posts any combination of two or more grades of W, D, FN, or F in a single term, regardless of cumulative high school or college GPA, the student will not be permitted to take dual enrollment classes in a subsequent term and will be ineligible to continue as Early College student.
    • If a student posts a grade of W, D, FN, or F in the same course on two attempts, the student will not be permitted to attempt the course a third time.
    • Students who have dropped below the required 2.0 minimum GPA on the college transcript or have an unweighted high school GPA of less than 3.0 will not be permitted to continue dual enrollment in the subsequent semester. Reinstatement in the dual enrollment program (but not as Early College student) can be achieved by completing two consecutive semesters at the high school (including Fall or Spring), a student may again apply to take a dual enrollment course if he/she meets all other eligibility requirements. 

    The 2017-2018 Early College application can be accessed here.

  • Course Progression

    9th Grade
    English I Honors

    Creative Writing
    Geometry or Algebra II Honors
    Environmental Science or Biology Honors
    US Government Honors/ SLS 1103
    World Language 
    10th Grade 
    English II Honors

    Algebra II Honors or Pre-Calculus
    Biology or Chemistry Honors

    AP World History
    AMH 2010/ AMH 2020
    World Language or Elective
    2 Electives