• Criminal Justice

    Dual Enrollment Program

Criminal Justice Dual Enrollment Program
  • Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) and Edward Waters College (EWC) have worked collaboratively to create a unique Criminal Justice Dual Enrollment Program. The program affords juniors and seniors opportunities to explore coursework in the areas of Law Enforcement, Court Systems and Criminal Justice. Participants can earn up to 12 college-credit hours during their junior and senior years.

    As a part of this program, participants will:

    • Take Dual Enrollment courses
    • Shadow college students enrolled in Criminal Justice courses at EWC
    • Participate in field experiences related to law enforcement
    • Receive priority enrollment and possible scholarship opportunities at EWC

    Upon entering their 11th grade year, students will begin their Criminal Justice coursework. The coursework in this program includes:

    • SLS 1103 Strategies for Learning Success
    • CCJ 2220 Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CJL 3510 Introduction to the Courts and the Law
    • CJJ 3010 Juvenile Justice Reform

    The Criminal Justice Dual Enrollment Program provides students with an opportunity to explore a prospective college major and participate in related practical experiences within their field of interest. Additional benefits of the program include:

    • Earning college credit while enrolled in high school
    • College financial savings through acquisition of college credit
    • Access to numerous college resources at EWC

    The collaboration between these two organizations is designed to motivate students, provide financial incentives through the acquisition of college credit, and build students’ self-confidence to continue their post-secondary aspirations.

    Eligibility Criteria for SLS 1103 Student Life Skills:

    • Junior or Senior
    • 2.0 unweighted GPA or higher
    • No minimum test scores

    Eligibility Criteria for Approved Academic Dual Enrollment Courses:

    • Junior or Senior
    • 2.5 unweighted GPA or higher
    • 2.0 unweighted GPA or higher with the completion of SLS 1103 with final grade C or higher
    • No minimum test scores

    EWC's Dual Enrollment Consent Form can be found here.