Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Chantal Myrthil

My name is Ms. Chantal Myrthil. I was born in Haiti; but lived mostly in Brooklyn, New York. I started my career as an educator in 1994. I started as Teacher Assistant then decided to obtain a New York State Certification in Bilingual/Elementary Education K-6/PreKindergarten/Primary Education (Age 3-Grade 3). I have completed other coursework or training in ESOL/Multicultural/ESE. I am learning about Autism and Sign Language.

 I have been a Highly Qualified Licensed Teacher in Florida for eight years, with two years attendance at Cedar Hills Elementary.   I am an Honors Graduate of Brooklyn College. I have always been fascinated with the world of Literature, Languages, and the power of words. At a very young age, I learned to argue with Plato. I traveled the world on dragons’ back and starships. I took love lessons from Shakespeare, and argued the rationale of marriage and loyalty with Odysseus. I challenged gods and demi-gods, and planted flowers with fairies. I learned friendship and respect with Horton in Dr. Seuss, and played Quiditch with Harry Potter. I learned courage with Eragon, and lived beyond my years in “Tuck Everlasting”. Before I graduated High School, I got a different view of life with H.D. Thoreau, and learned to be aware of my environment with George Orwell “1984”. I speak fluently French, and Creole.

      I choose to share my passion for learning as an Elementary Teacher. There is nothing more uplifting than to teach a child to read and write. It’s a gift of sight that keeps on giving. 


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Phone:   (904) 573-1050 ext 207