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    Lunch and Learn is a positive school-wide initiative to encourage and support student achievement.  This plan allows for time during the day for students to receive remediation, support, or enrichment. 

    Students are allowed to take advantage of a variety of activities during this time:

    • Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria, amphitheater, or outside eating area 
    • Participate in club meetings
    • Meet with teachers for remediation or support
    • Participate in various enrichment activities


    Lunch & Learn Student Planning Guide

    Lunch & Learn Program Information Sheet

  • Guidelines:

    • Douglas Anderson is a closed campus during the school day.  Students are required to remain on campus for Lunch and Learn.

    • Food is not allowed in the gym, hallways, general common areas, or bathrooms.

    • Hallways are for transitioning; students should not be seated, standing, or congregating in hallways during Lunch and Learn time.

    • Early dismissals are strongly discouraged during Lunch and Learn as making school-wide announcements can be distracting.

    • This time is designed for students to have lunch and engage in either art or academic support on a daily basis.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to use Lunch and Learn as designed to help achieve success in academics and arts.

    • Students must sign in daily to each teacher’s classroom they attend for Lunch and Learn.

    • Hall passes are required for students to transition outside of the designated transition times.

    • Students who are on academic probation are required to attend at least one remediation session per day.  This is monitored through the Counseling Office.
  • Office Hours:

    Teachers from the following departments are available for the first half of Lunch & Learn:

    • English (except Fridays)
    • Math (except Thursdays)
    • Social Studies* (except Wednesdays)
    • ESE Resource*
    • Band*
    • Dance*
    • Guitar* (B-days)
    • Musical Theatre*
    • Orchestra*
    • Theatre*
    • Technical Theatre (except Mondays)
    • Vocal (except Tuesdays)

    Teachers from the following departments are available for the second half of Lunch & Learn:

    • Science (except Tuesdays)
    • Social Studies* (except Wednesdays)
    • Spanish (except Fridays)
    • ESE Resource*
    • Band*
    • Cinematic Arts
    • Creative Writing (except Mondays)
    • Dance*
    • Electronic Music
    • Guitar* (B-days)
    • Music Theory (Williams - Rm 184)
    • Musical Theatre*
    • Orchestra*
    • Piano / Keyboard (except Mondays)
    • Recording
    • Theatre*
    • Visual Arts (except Mondays)

    * Available during both sessions

    Study Hall Location:

    The Gym is available for quiet study during both halves of Lunch & Learn every day.