• An exciting new opportunity is underway here at Richard Lewis Brown Gifted and Talented Academy this year.  It’s our new Pitsco STEM lab which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math.  The students are absorbed in many stimulating hands-on activities which encourages them to want to explore to know more. 

    The student groups are arranged like the shuttle crew.  There is a mission commander, a communications specialist, materials manager, and the information specialist.  There are five daily assignments called intervals, and each interval consists of four windows or assignments.  Missions include: Circuits, Technology and Design, Engineering, Scientific Discovery, Matter Matters, and Transportation. 

    Students are constructing paper structures to support maximum weight, designing vehicles, and building bungee jumps all in an atmosphere of fun and teamwork.  The program improves their ability to communicate and develops problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and data analysis.