• Welcome to Chets Creek Elementary School!

    Chets Creek Elementary School is a standards-based learning community committed to preparing students for success in a competitive, interdependent, and global workplace. 


    Our Vision:  We envision Chets Creek Elementary as a standards-based learning community where internationally benchmarked performance standards are used to help all learners understand the real life application of basic skills and concepts. Learning leaders use diagnostic tools to assess every student’s academic strengths and weaknesses and then develop a course of instruction to meet the learner’s academic needs. This diagnostic and prescriptive teaching philosophy has become the cornerstone of our success.

    Core Values:  Our organizational core values drive all behavior and decision-making at Chets Creek Elementary.  As a team of professionals, we have developed and defined our values as a code of conduct for daily living in our learning community. Adult role models are expected to live by these values so that our children may learn from our example. Modeling these values helps instill the importance of high personal and organizational standards for a democratic and enriching life.

    Our Core Values include:


    High Standards, Quality, Achievement


    Teamwork, Community, Service


    Vision, Creativity, Risk-Taking


    Dedicated, Passionate, Loyal


    Caring, Nurturing, Supporting, Forgiving


    Dignity, Acceptance


    Responsible, Trustworthy, Honesty


    OUR LEARNER EXPECTATIONS:  Our learner expectations are succinct and applicable to all learners.  Learners are expected to become:                                                      

    Self-Directed Learners

    Complex Thinkers

    Effective Communicators

    Collaborative Workers

    Quality Producers

    Community Contributors

    By establishing high expectations for all stakeholders and creating an environment which fosters meaningful relationshipsrisk-taking, and academic results, we increase the chances that we will realize our vision.