• In an effort to ensure that information mailed to you is received in a timely manner, it is imperative that we ensure the schools have a current mailing address on file and in our FOCUS system.  If you have relocated/moved and have not updated your mailing address, see below for the documentation that will need to be presented to the school to update your mailing address.  Be mindful that when we send home report cards, magnet accept letters, and any other district related communication, we need to make sure that you receive the correspondence.

    Again, see below for acceptable documentation, if you have had a change of address.  Be sure to present the required proof of address to your school to allow them to update the information.

    Proof of Residency Requirements

    Proof of residence is required before a student is enrolled in his/her properly assigned school. For registration and subsequent enrollment, the parent or legal guardian must complete the district's student registration form and submit:

    1. 1 (one) document from the sources listed in Column A
    2. 1 (one) additional document from Columns B or C (both sources of information must match).
    3. For extraordinary circumstances, please contact the District's Pupil Assignment Office/School Choice office directly for further clarification regarding other accepted official identification sources not listed below.


    Column A

    Column B

    Column C

    Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) bill or TECO bill

    Automobile Insurance

    Current Bank Account Statement (may block out account number)

    Mortgage agreement (or closing statement)

    Credit Card statement

    Payroll Statement

    Lease agreement (from a company, or *private individual)

    Bank account statement

    Current non-cellular phone bill

    Driver’s License or State ID

    US postal service confirmation  of address change

    Vehicle Registration

     *Private lease agreement must be notarized AND two additional documents from columns B and C are required.

    Bona Fide Residence Process

    When school is in session and a parent cannot readily produce the required documentation, the school shall ensure the student is readily enrolled following the “Bona Fide Residence” process:

    • The student shall be registered in school.
    • Acceptable proof of residence must be provided within 15 school days.
    • If, after 15 school days, acceptable proof of residence has not been provided, the student shall be immediately withdrawn by the school and must be registered and enrolled in the appropriate boundaries school by the parent.

    Inaccurate Address Information

    For good cause, such as but not limited to cases where the principal/designee believes that a student’s enrollment information is inaccurate due to returned mail or reasonable suspicion that the student is not residing at the claimed address, the following procedures may be implemented at the discretion of the Principal/designee (based on sufficient resources):

    • A call or a home visit may be made, or a letter may be sent to parent(s) who have conflicting address information, requesting that the parent verify and update enrollment information.
    • The school staff may examine the Property Appraiser’s Website to determine the parent’s homestead (primary residence) location. The homestead address of the parent will be used as a factor to determine the student’s assigned school. A conflicting address indicates that further investigation is required.
    • The Principal/designee may also require submission of one of the additional proofs of residence listed in Column C.