• Kindergarten through 2nd grade yearly book goal & log


    Get a jump start on reaching the yearly book goal! The yearly book goal is to read a total of 45 books per nine weeks. Using the log attached or a sheet of notebook paper, write  the title of the book and the date it was read. Parents can read the book to the child or the child can read it independantly. 

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  • 3rd grade yearly book goal & log


    The yearly book goal is to read 25 chapter books. Get a jump start on reaching their yearly goal with summer reading! The students will also be able to complete and pass Achieve3000 lessons for book credit after school starts and they take the beginning of the year LevelSet. However, this summer please encourage your student to get a start on their book goal by reading chapter books. On the log attached or on a piece of notebook paper, please have the student write the title of the book along with the page numbers in the chapter book. Parents and guardians, please write your initials next to the log entry. Happy reading!

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  • 4th & 5th Grade yearly book goal & log


    For 4th and 5th grade, the book goal for the year is 25 books. There are two ways for the students to receive credit for their summer reading:


    1. Read chapter books! The students should log their completed chapter book titles on the attached log or on notebook paper along with the number of pages in the completed book. Please have the student write a short summary on the completed book to receive credit for the book read. Submit the summary with the book log. 

    2. Achieve3000 (through Blended Learning* on the duvalschools.org site) After third grade, Achieve is open for the students to practice their reading skills and strategies during the summer. The students can earn one book credit for every TWO Achieve articles that they pass (75% or higher) on the first try. The students should also be completing all 5 steps** of each Achieve lesson.  Once they have completed their lesson, passed on the first try, have the students write the title, and their first try passing score on the log or on notebook paper.



    *Using the students DCPS s# username and password access iReady and Achieve through duvalschools.org/studentsoftware. Click on the icon to access their websties.

    **The 5 steps include the 1. beginning reading poll, 2. read and interact with the article, 3. activitiy questions, 4. after reading poll, 5.thought question response following the "include in your answer" criteria. 

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