• Welcome to the Department of Family and Community Engagement!

    Welcome to Duval County Public Schools! We are so very excited to share the work of the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department with you, as it is our mission to ensure this great district is supported and shared throughout the Jacksonville community!

    FACE consists of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project (a minority-male mentoring initiative), faith-based and business partnerships, volunteer services, the Parent Academy, extended day programs, driver education programs, and community education.

    Since July 2017, we have implemented the following changes to ensure we can better support the work of the district:

    1. Retirement Outreach: We now have a Retired Educator and Support Team recognizing the institutional knowledge that leaves our buildings each year, and to request their involvement as volunteers in our district for at least one hour each week once they’ve gotten some “rest.” Twenty-two retirees signed-up to begin volunteering in this first cohort.


    1. Creation of a volunteer database with streamlined functionality: While we effectively provide background screenings for our volunteers, we have not had a database of volunteers to support the district. Building on a pre-existing contract with Samaritan Technologies, the new database will also send automated email updates to volunteers to provide a more personal experience. A new online volunteer training will be the final step of the clearance process.


    1. Development of a professional development component: To better support schools, the department has submitted its first professional development plan to share strategies to maximize community and family supports in boosting student achievement. We look forward to working with you as a member of Team Duval!





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