Business Partnerships

  • The Department of Family and Community Engagement actively builds relationships with local businesses (large corporations and small businesses) for the purpose of improving public education. The goal is to establish partnerships with the business community by aligning mutually beneficial relationships between the business sector and our schools and/or the district.

    Business partnerships contribute to the mutual goals of schools and/or the district and the business partner. Each partnership is unique, and is based upon:

    1) The needs of your partner school  

    2) The size and nature of your business  

    3) The time you have to contribute  

    Business Partnerships typically involve partners providing financial or in-kind donations and/or volunteering their time.  Examples of support  include, but are not limited to:

    Student Incentives (gift cards, fun student experiences, etc.)

    Teacher Incentives (gift cards, food, fun/relaxing teacher experiences, etc.)  

    Internships, job shadowing, service projects

    Expert consultation to support Career Academies
    You can contact your local school to discuss individual school partnership opportunities.  The Department of Family and Engagement can assist with partnerships involving multiple schools and/or the district as well as facilitate the exploration of partnership ideas with schools.  
    Contact Monique Stewart, Director of Partnerships and Community Outreach, at to discuss your business becoming a partner with Duval County Public Schools.  
  • Contact Information:


    Monique Stewart

    Director, Partnerships & Community Outreach