Thank you for your expressed interest in the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project (Duval Chapter).  This program seeks to match minority male students with images of successful minority men from various career fields.  We have included two links for you to register to become a Role Model which will put you that much closer to reaching your goal of speaking to our students. Our program is located in  elementary, middle, and high schools through Duval County Public Schools. We have a simple two-step role model registration process: 


    Step 1: Conduct a background screening by clicking on the link below (4 minutes):

    Click here to submit a DCPS volunteer application! 

    Step 2: Register to be a volunteer role model by clicking on the link below (1 minute):

    Click here to become an Adult Role Model!

    5000 Role Models at Induction Ceremony


    The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project aims to intervene in the lives of minority male youth in an effort to provide them with positive role models and experiences that will empower them to make good choices, encourage healthy living, be responsible, be respectful, and achieve their goals. A perspective member should be a minority male (not exclusive) at a participating 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project School. Boys must complete the Application and submit a Parent Consent Form. Boys must be willing to attend weekly meetings and attend events. To be deemed eligible a boy must meet at least two of the qualifying criteria. We have a simple three-step registration process:


    Step 1: Register to be a student role model by clicking on the link below (1 minute):

    Become a Student Role Model!

    Step 2: Complete the Student Application and Parental Consent Form (9 minutes). 

    Step 3: Submit both forms to your schools Site Director.

    5000 Role Models in 2020