• Teacher of the Year

    Congratulations to Rosetta Hamm, 3rd Grade ELA Teacher!
    She was selected as Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary School's Teacher of the Year!

     I have been a teacher at Mamie A. Jones Elementary for 43 years.  It was truly an honor to be chosen as Mamie A. Jones’ Teacher of the Year for the 2020 school year. I have taught students at every grade level in elementary school including grades 1-6 and Exceptional Student Education. I currently teach third grade. I received a master’s degree in Special Education and was awarded National Board Certification.  Teaching is not just a career for me but a passion.  I feel the same excitement for new faces at the beginning of each new yearly adventure.  As I reflect on my time at MAJ, there are so many special moments that come to mind.  Some of these moments include watching (with tears of joy) as students performed on stage the many skills they gained in class, watching the excitement backstage as they prepare to share their talents with friends and family in talent shows, nervously awaiting their turn to spell a word in the Spelling Bee, and accepting awards for accomplishments as they walked across the stage with their faces beaming and pride in their steps.  These special moments stand out in my mind, but it is those daily social interactions, and the excitement when students finally grasp a rigorous concept they have struggled with, that continues to inspire and motivate me.  This is the very reason why I teach, to see that joy and excitement on student’s faces as they learn something new and then to share it with someone else. It is through moments such as these that a connection with the community has been built, making MAJ such a special place to me. Sharing the excitement for learning with the families as they attend these school functions, building relationships that last the test of time, and teaching multiple generations of the same family, is what makes MAJ a uniquely wonderful place.  Seeing the pride and excitement on grandparents’ faces as they share the same room in my class where their grandchild is now learning, and to see the continuity of rules that helped mold their character have stood the test of time.  I consider it a privilege to have been a part of the MAJ family for 43 years.