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    Welcome to this small world into our middle school. We are here to promote talent, discover new skills, and encourage students to enjoy the world with new resources... Welcome to TV Journalism!

    While chasing the school news, the kids will have the opportunity to practice and improve on decision making activities, research, writing, ethics, and social communication.

    This will be an exciting year at Kernan Middle School!



    Students learn the basics of journalism. Ethics, principles, and inspiration are included in the package. They will develop understanding of newsworthy, priorities, and commitment with the community. They will apply techniques on communication to improve the delivery of the news.

    Moreover, students will learn to appreciate team work while pursuing a common goal. Responsibility, as well as respect for peers and timelines, are very encouraged.

    Fun is just a plus!


    Every step in the process of delivering the news has been covered: Recognizing the story, creating the storyboards, planning the coverage, building the final product, and presenting the show .

    Analyzing, researching, reading, writing, and oral communication are skills that they will practice every day.