• Paying for College $$$

    Tools to use:
    • MyinTuition developed by Wellesley College. It shows the projected cost of college once financial aid is factored in, helping students understand and plan for what college will actually cost.
    • My Big Future developed by Collegeboard. Compare the true cost of various colleges. Use this calculator to see how much college will cost by the time you enroll.

    1. Florida Bright Futures Program opens October 1st

    High School Graduation Year SAT/ACT Score to Earn FAS Award SAT/ACT Score to Earn FMS Award Community Service Hours Requirement GPA Requirement

    1290 SAT

    1170 SAT

    FAS- 100 FAS – 3.5 or higher in 16 credits of college prep academic classes

    29 ACT

    26 ACT

    FMS- 75 FMS- 3.0 or higher in 16 credits of college   prep academic classes

    Application opens October 1

    Service hours are due in Guidance the day before winter break, or the day before spring break.

    Financial Aid Night Presentation

    Navigating Your Financial Future  

    2. FAFSA October 1st: (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school. For more information visit: https://fafsa.ed.gov/  Visit FAFSA4caster to help you understand your options for paying for college. Provide some basic information and they will estimate your eligibility for federal student aid.  Check out: FAFSA do's and don'ts

    CSS Profile: Each year CSS Profile gives access to more than $9 billion for thousands of undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The CSS Profile is an online application that collects information used by nearly 400 colleges and scholarship programs to award non-federal aid. (For federal aid you must complete the FAFSA, available Oct. 1 at fafsa.ed.gov.) Some colleges may require the CSS Profile from both biological/adoptive parents in cases of divorce or separation Visit: https://cssprofile.collegeboard.org/ for more information

    3. Micro-Scholarships: There are many micro-scholarships offered to students. It's just a matter of searching. Some of the more common resources are: 

    For our military families please visit this resource: Financial Aid for Military Families Scholarship for US Army Veterans

    Click here for information on the various types of financial assistance.