Logo for Cathedral Arts Project
    • The Cathedral Arts Project is the leading nonprofit provider of quality, comprehensive and ongoing instruction in the visual and performing arts for elementary and middle school students in Duval County. The driving force behind all CAP programs is the belief that the arts matter – they provide essential skills, like creative thinking, perseverance, teamwork and self-discipline, that benefit all people in all areas of their lives.

    • CAP provides twice-weekly classes in the visual and performing arts at schools throughout Duval County. Chaffee Trail is thrilled to host a CAP visual arts program, led by Mr. Mariah Cagle on Mondays and Fridays at 3:15.

    • To learn more, visit capkids.org or contact Kirstin Livingston, Director of Programs, at kristin@capkids.org or 904.281.5599 x13.


    Throughout the year, please help promote activities and events in which your CAP class may be exhibiting. This helps keep the momentum of the class going and build interest for students who may be interested in enrolling next year. It’s especially great for the current CAP students to see that administrators and their peers are interested in what they’re doing! Feel free to include the CAP logo and information on materials that go home to parents, as well.


    We hope you’ll follow us on social media where we post program photos and information, CAP updates and support for #artsed. You may also post photos from the CAP program at your school and we encourage you to tag us if you do so.

    Facebook: @CathedralArts

    Instagram: @cathedralartsproject

    Twitter: @CathedralArts