• Dear JDMS Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Stakeholders,


    I am very happy to serve as Jefferson Davis Middle School’s Assistant Principal. I am a firm believer that all students can learn when provided the structure of support required to meet the students where there are academically, socially and emotionally. Every day my focus is to positively affect and change the lives of our youth to be successful academically.


    We are a Charger Family and we must take care of each other to make sure our students have all the tools and resources they need to make it to high school, become a high school graduate and enter into a College and/or a Career. We motivate our youth to be Law Abiding Citizens.


    would also like to encourage our parents to get involved with PTA and SAC to provide your ideas; support and feedback that will help continue to mold Jefferson Davis Middle School into an A or B school. We are always striving for excellence and wwill continue.

    Educationally Yours,

    Dr. Jerome WMosley




                                                               Jerome W . Mosley  Ed. D.
                                    Assistant Principal                             

                                 (Math/ Language Arts)

                             Jefferson Davis Middle School

                                      7050 Melvin Rd.

                             Jacksonville, Florida 32210

                            Office: 904-573-1060 ext. 114