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    Fletcher High Community Education 

    Fletcher High Community Education offers a variety of evening classes for adults four terms during the school year and also a driver’s education program for teens during the summer. In addition, we facilitate the use of classrooms for non-profit group meetings during our Community Education hours.   

    Some of the classes offered are: 

    Soap Making          Quilting          Sewing          Tap Dancing          Jazz Dancing          Guitar 

    Ukulele                    Budgeting     Investing        Meditation           Tai Chi                    Yoga          


    A catalog of county wide schedules is mailed to the community for the Fall and Winter terms.               For more information, please email clarkt2@duvalschools.org.  

    A copy of our current schedule can be accessed online below: 

    Some of the class subject areas are:

          Art    Crafts   Computers   Music   World Languages   Fitness.


    Most classes are between 4 and 10 weeks long and are held 4 terms during the school year.

    A flyer of our schedule is mailed out in mid-August for our Fall term and after the holidays for our Winter term.

    A copy of the FALL schedule can be accessed online below

    Fall Community Ed Schedule

    Email clarkt2@duvalschools.org or call our  Community Education office (904) 247-5905, #1008 for more information