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    Thank you for visiting the Athletic Training Page for Paxon School for Advanced Studies. My name is Annie Tomten and I am the certified and licensed Athletic Trainer serving your school. I graduated from the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH (my hometown) with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Athletic Training. I just recently graduated from Jacksonville University with my Masters of Science in Kinesiology. The position of "Head Athletic Trainer" at Paxon was a part-time job from 2018-2020, but this fall, the position will turn into a full-time position to better serve the athletes at Paxon.


    Annie Tomten, MS, LAT, ATC

    Certified Athletic Trainer


    What is an Athletic Trainer & Why are we important in high schools?

    Some of you may be wondering, “What exactly is a Certified Athletic Trainer?” Well let me take this chance to enlighten you. Athletic Trainers are licensed health care providers who are highly trained in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of sports-related injuries. We are skilled in keeping athletes safely competing whenever possible. We recognize when athletes should be sidelined due to an injury and we help the athletes and their parents navigate through the health care system to receive the care that is needed, when injured. We work together with our team physician and coaches in promoting a culture of safety in our school athletic programs. Most importantly, we are trained and ready to respond in the event of a dangerous injury or emergency situation.

    Athletic Trainers are needed in high schools to provide leadership and oversight for sports safety. I educate kids, coaches, and parents on how to prevent sports-related injury. I want all kids to be injury-free when playing sports; but, I also know that sudden cardiac arrest, heat stroke, exertional sickling and head injuries are the top 4 deadly risks of sports. I am trained and prepared to respond to these emergencies, as well as other injuries as they occur.


    My Goals for Paxon SAS Athletics

    As I continue to serve our student-athletes and Paxon community with my skills and qualities as an Athletic Trainer, I still have goals for Paxon Athletics. First, I am aiming to increase nutrition awareness and educate athletes on how food can positively better their performance, healing, and daily life. Second, I am aiming to increase mental health awareness and educate the athletes on safe coping mechanisms, safe places to disclose information, and safe places to vent or seek advice. As an Athletic Trainer, I have minor training in psychosocial evaluations and mental health, so I can be of help to our struggling student-athletes who simply needs somebody to talk to. I also have a general goal to increase awareness for injury prevention and treatment, as well as the scope of practice for Athletic Trainers.


    New Athletic Training Facility

    The first year of the P17 program at Paxon, 2018-2019, was the first year Paxon Athletics had a site-based “Head Athletic Trainer”. Because of this, I was able to instill a few changes. One of those changes included the relocation of the Athletic Training Clinic to a new room. Now, we have 2 treatment tables, a desk to work and file documents, brand new cabinets and countertops to store supplies, a freezer for ice packs, a landline phone, an area for water bottles and coolers, a whiteboard for athlete education, and more! The new facility has allowed us to increase the amount of athletes we can see and evaluate, due to the larger space where 2 ATCs can practice at the same time. The new ATF is located in the Boy's Locker Room Hallway (last hallway on the right) in the building closest to the Football Stadium - Room Number 9. This facility now resembles a healthcare facility that student-athletes can feel comfortable in.