Dear Carter G. Woodson Elementary School Family,
    A new school year presents opportunities for various beginnings – new classes, new faces, new challenges, and new materials. This year, our theme is “Lights! Camera! Lead the Way to Success!” Whether your child is new to our school or a current student, we hope that he or she will find this school year to be a memorable and exciting one! Collaboration is of course the key and toward that end, we strongly encourage you to join PTA, become a Homeroom Parent, and/or Volunteer in your child’s classroom. We need YOU if we are going to be successful with your son/daughter. As we are well aware of the fact that we must partner with the home in order for the school to achieve its goals.
    Each and every day there are opportunities for each of us to learn and grow. How we decide to approach these opportunities will determine the final results we can expect at the end of the school year. There are students who came before you that had a hunger to learn. Their hunger to learn allowed them to get their education, accomplish great things, and blaze a trail that has made Carter G. Woodson the school that you are a part of today.
    Approach this school year with a hunger to learn! Stay hungry until you do something great; because you are great! You aren’t in school by accident. You aren’t in school just to be in school. You are in school to create opportunities for yourself. You are there because someone loves you enough to see the importance of you having an education. As long as you keep a hunger to learn, there will always be plenty of food (education) for you to eat.
    Our teachers and staff are eager to work with you and your child in attaining academic excellence and success this school year. Encourage your child to follow the school rules, dress for success, give maximum effort in school work, and I assure you that he or she will have a great experience at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School, where every child matters.
    Mr. Brandon D. Clayton, Proud Principal