• Chets Creek Adventurers Tackle the WILD!

    85% Level 3 or Higher in Reading!
    84% Level 3 or Higher in Math!
    77% Level 3.5 or Higher in Writing!
    82% Level 3 or Higher in Science!

    Florida Department of Education A+ School


    Welcome Munchkins, to Chets Creek Elementary!  As you can see from our 2014-2015 results above, our student adventurers tamed the most fierce of beasts last school year!

    We’ve transformed our learning community into the wonderful land of Oz, the perfect place to help us have the HEART to embrace RELATIONSHIPS, the COURAGE to take calculated RISKS and the WISDOM to produce unprecedented RESULTS! As parents you have prepared our students with the necessary skills and PTA has provided us with the perfect “Oz wear”—a brand new spirit shirt!  Our Teacher “Munchkinland Mayors” are ready to take our students all the way down the yellow brick road.  There’s no place like home…there’s no place like Chets!

    Susan T. Phillips, Principal