Holiday Hill Elementary is a whole-school magnet elementary school.  Holiday Hill has the following magnet programs: Gifted, Academically Talented, and Leadership. 

    Magnet students will have program continuity to the following magnet middle schools:
    * James Weldon Johnson MS 
    * Julia Landon MS
    * Darnell-Cookman School of Medical Arts
    * Springfield (formerly known as Kirby Smith Middle)

    Non-Magnet students will have continuity based on their neighborhood address to the following middle schools:
    * Arlington MS
    * Southside MS


    2025 Holiday Hill Magnet Tour Schedule

    Please check back at the end of November 2024 for our January Magnet tour dates for the upcoming 2025-2026 school year.

    Tour dates: 

    • TBA in November 2024 (Tours occur in February of each school year).

    After you have toured, you can apply. This is the Guide to Filling Out a Magnet Application. Prior to filling out a magnet application, you must create a Parent Focus account.  Click link to create an account: DCPS FOCUS Account Creation. STEPS ON HOW TO: HOW TO CREATE A PARENT FOCUS ACCOUNT AND LINK STUDENT TO PARENT ACCOUNT.


    Priority 1 - Neighborhood preference - Students live in the current attendance area of a non-dedicated magnet school.

    Priority 2 - Former Attendance Area Preference - Students who live in the former attendance area of a dedicated magnet.

    Priority 3 - Military Dependent Preference - Transitioning student who has a parent on Active duty.

    Priority 4 - Sibling Preference - Student who has a sibling residing at the same address who attends a magnet program at the same school and is eligible to return next year.

    Priority 5 - Socio-Economic Preference - 1) Neighborhood school is a Title 1 school and who apply to attend a magnet program at a non-Title 1 school. 2) Neighborhood schools is a non-Title 1 school and who apply to attend a magnet program in a Title 1 school.

    Priority 6 - Prinicipal's Signature Preference - Students whose parents attend tour at the magnet school they are applying for and the principal's signature indicating attendance.  Schools will enter Tour attendance in the Parent/Guardian Focus Account.  Make sure you create a FOCUS parent account. Link above.

    Priority 7 - No Principal Signature Preference - Students who submit an application but have no signature indicating attendance at a tour.

    Priority 8 - Not Eligible for the program - applying for the Gifted program and the students has not been staffed Gifted.