• “Take advantage of every opportunity, but don't give up”

    This year our school theme is all about taking advantage of every opportunity that happens! We started with ideas and wonders, then moved to solving problems and now we are all about creating our own chances in life. This year we will build on that by helping students find opportunities to grow- as learners, people and as part of their community. In addition to Genius Hour that will let students find chances and opportunities to build, we will incorporate these ideas into our school, in-person and online, every day. 

    Genius Hour is a project-based classroom activity where students can explore their own passions and wonders.  Teachers empower students by allowing them to pick a topic based on their own passions or wonders. From there students will create a project to showcase their new-found learning.

    Want to see our Genius Hour in action? Click HERE! 

    For more information about Genius Hour check out the links below: