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    Welcome to Ramona Blvd Elementary school, where we SOAR.  I am honored to serve as the Principal of such a wonderful school. I am eager to start my 5th year as the Principal of our school.  Our theme for the 2023-2024 school year is, “Blooming to Success! Lets root for each other and watch each other grow!" 

    A Ramona, we are creating a school where . . .

    • Relationships matter and community is an active, essential force in our pedagogy,
    • admin will be in classrooms where the action is to support the teachers, students, and to assess the needs of the school,
    • Teaching and assessment will be standards-based, instruction will be data-driven, and collaboration will be purposeful,
    • Teachers are treated with respect and encouraged to become the teachers they dream of becoming,
    •  Students are challenged to discover and achieve the best versions of themselves,
    • respect and civility rules,
    • We are allowed to have fun and laugh, and
    • Parents are welcome.

    Our school has come a long way in the past 5 years. My goal is that, together, we can make all these characteristics of an ideal school happen successfully. Only together is this possible. I thank you for taking on this challenge with me to benefit and support your child and his/her experience at Ramona. Let us know how we can best meet the needs of your child.  


    We are blooming to Success! 


    Dr. DeVonne P. Lampkin