• Dr. Lampkin, Principal

    Greetings Parents and Guardians,

    It is a tremendous honor to be named the Principal of Ramona Blvd. Elementary. I look forward to creating strong and collaborative relationships with the staff and parents of this great community. Ramona is a special place. I am overjoyed to be in a position to positively impact the lives of students and teachers.

    My vision for Ramona is to continue to build an ideal school environment where students feel safe, comfortable, challenged and engaged in class. Students and staff will celebrate core values and each other. Teachers will feel supported in their teaching and inspired to try new things. Teaching and assessments will be standards-based, instruction will be data-driven, and collaboration will be purposeful. Our school will be a school, where teachers and parents work collaboratively to support their students. I will be in classrooms “where the action is” in order to support the teachers, students, and to assess the needs of the school.  My goal is that together we can make all of these characteristics of an ideal school happen successfully at Ramona this year. Only together is this possible. I thank you for taking on this challenge with me to benefit and support your child and his/her experience at Ramona.

    Research shows that the most important variable in a child's success in school is the parents’ involvement in their child's education. The following are some ways to be involved in your child's education:

    • Talk with your child everyday about specifics of what is going on at school.

    • Discuss the completed work the child has brought home.

    • Check homework after it is complete.

    • Be available to assist with homework as necessary. 

    • Set high standards for the work that is performed.
• Guide the development of good study skills. 

    • Stay in touch with the classroom teacher, communicate, communicate, communicate!

    • Communicate high expectations to your child.
• Communicate your confidence and pride to your child every day.
• Proudly display and share your child's work and progress with friends and relatives. 

    • Attend and participate in school activities as much as possible.

    • Attend parent conferences. 

    • Volunteer in one of our many programs or a classroom if your schedule allows.
    • Let us know how we can best meet the needs of your child.

    Here is to an AWESOME and SUCCESSFUL year TOGETHER!

    Let's Get in the Game, Level Up!

    DeVonne P. Lampkin, Ed.D