Jacksonville Beach Elementary School
    Dedicated Magnet for Gifted and Academically Talented Students
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    As the PROUD Principal of Jacksonville Beach Elementary School, I greatly look forward to continuing meaningful collaboration with the JBE teachers, support staff, and school community during the 2021-2022 school year! I am driven to create exciting and rigorous learning opportunities, maintain high achievement, foster acceptance of cultural and social differences, and inspire the innate desire to exceed expectations for all of our Academically Talented and Gifted students. I truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve in an administrative leadership capacity at this National Blue Ribbon School and positively impact the school culture by fostering the success of the "whole child"! 
    Our primary goal for every child to meet or exceed grade level standards can only be realized with parent/guardian involvement in the educational process. I highly encourage you to attend monthly School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings, join the Friends of Jacksonville Beach Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (FOJBE PTO), serve as a school volunteer, attend school-based and community events, and actively maintain an open line of communication with administration and your child's teacher(s). 

    Let's S.C.U.B.A. dive deep into high quality teaching and learning at JBE, where we are Swimming against the Current to Undeniably provide the Best educational experience for All students! I can’t wait to see all of the knowledge our students are able to “catch” this upcoming school year as their teachers “reel” them in with superior teaching! All teachers and students are invited to wear their best “under the sea” attire on the 1st day of school, Tuesday, August 10th.

    Our school community looks forward to continuing our legacy of superior academic achievement while simultaneously developing well-rounded school citizens!  

    Cameron A. Mattingly
    Principal, Jacksonville Beach Elementary School
    Dedicated Magnet School for Gifted & Academically Talented Students
    Magnet School Model School Blue Ribbon