• So What is Partners With Purpose?



    The Partners With Purpose initiative is a program intended to establish and develop prolific and purposeful relationships between Riverside High School and the community we serve. 


    By presenting local businesses, organizations, and stakeholders with a number of opportunities and avenues to connect with the Students, Faculty, and Families of Riverside High School we are removing barriers and creating pathways to a more cohesive alliance of stakeholders in serving our community. 


    Partners With Purpose allows potential partners to choose the manner in which they participate, whether through collaboration, contribution, donation, volunteering their time, or providing services. 


    In working with Riverside High School, partners will join forces with other stakeholders, including local businesses, faith-based partners, alumni, current employees, students & families, and Duval County Public Schools, tied to an organization that has been a cherished institution in Jacksonville and the Riverside community since 1927.  


    While Partners With Purpose is certainly a great way to give back, it is also an opportunity to build that connection to the public through an investment in those who make up and are actively involved in this community. 


    Whether you are looking for a way to make a valuable contribution or a solid investment, there is no better way to have a positive impact in your community than becoming one of Riverside High School’s Partners With Purpose!


    Please see the tabs below to learn more about the specific ways Partners With Purpose have the opportunity to:

    • Reach Potential Customers/Patrons

    • Share Opportunities

    • Support Local Youth

    • Build/Improve Community Relations/Connections

    • Find Potential Employees/Partners

    • Incentivize/Reward Academic Achievement

    • Professional Networking

    • Community Service Opportunities





    Click on any of the links in the tabs below to complete the PWP Interest Form and a representative will respond or schedule a meeting.

    You may also e-mail Assistant Principal Felisha Skipper at skipperf1@duvalschools.org or contact the school directly at (904)381-3930 for more information.