• Welcome to the LLE Where YOU BELONG! 


    My name is Michelle Walsh, the Principal of Lake Lucina Elementary. I am looking forward to another great school year at Lake Lucina Elementary where YOU BELONG! At Lake Lucina we know that all paths should lead to learning. We are prepared to support every child in their learning path AND make it adventurous along the way!

    To reach our 2021-2022 goals, our school will embrace a Culturally Responive Teaching approach. Lake Lucina is prepared to promote authentic engagement and rigor among a culturally and linguistically diverse population of students. 

    Lake Lucina Elementary encourages your parental involvement as we work together as ONE this coming school year. Your involvement is essential to your child’s success and the school’s success. Thank you for your support and please feel free to visit and volunteer! This is going to be a great year! 

    Michelle C. Walsh


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