Temporary Distance Learning Plan for Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

  • 1. Flexibility will be required in order to educate your child while schools are closed. This Distance Learning Plan will act to temporarily supplement your child’s IEP/EP/Services Plan. 

     2. This Distance Learning Plan will ensure that the online or hard copy instructional program is individualized for your student so that it is presented in a manner that is consistent with the accommodations, services, and needs of your child, as indicated in their IEP/EP/Services Plan.

     3. A member of your child’s IEP/EP team will be in contact with you to receive your input and collaborate regarding how to best implement your child’s plan during the emergency closure.

     4. Upon the reopening of school campuses, the Distance Learning Plan will automatically expire and cease to operate, and your child’s IEP/EP/Services Plan will resume as normal.

     5. If the review date on your child’s IEP has passed during the temporary closure of school campuses or is due for review soon, your child’s ESE Teacher or Related Service Provider will contact you to schedule an IEP meeting. The IEP meeting will take place virtually as well, and school staff will work with you to ensure the opportunity for your participation and input.

    6. Teachers will monitor student progress and determine what, if any, remediation may be needed upon reopening of school campuses. IEP meetings will be scheduled at that time, as appropriate.

Students Following General Education Standards

  • Students will follow grade level or course specific Duval HomeRoom lessons and assignments with applicable accommodations.  ESE teacher(s) will provide services and supports in collaboration with the content area teacher(s) for students served in varying exceptionalities (VE)/inclusion. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students Following Access Points in Varying Exceptionalities (VE)/Inclusion

  • Students will utilize grade level or content specific Duval HomeRoom lessons and assignments with modifications provided by the ESE teacher(s) and all applicable accommodations.  Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students Following Access Points Standards in Self-Contained Low Incidence Programs

  • Students who are served in ESE self-contained settings will have individualized on-line lessons assigned in Unique Learning System (ULS).  Access Points paper instructional packets adapted from ULS are available for students who are unable to access on-line learning due to their disability.  Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students in Prekindergarten (PK)

  • Students served in self-contained settings will receive assignments from their teacher through Teams and/or paper instructional packets. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Related Services

  • Students receiving Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and/or Mental Health Services will be contacted by those providers.  Services will be provided through online sessions or phone consultations. Home-Based individualized activities may also be provided.

IEP/EP/Services Plan

  • All IEP/EP/Services plans will remain active. Annual review meetings will be facilitated online or by phone during the period of school closure. If a parent has a concern regarding an IEP, contact the child’s teacher.