Individual Distance Learning Plan

  • A student, with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), Parentally Placed Private School Service Plan (SP) or Section 504 Plan (§504) whose parent(s)/guardian(s) has elected to enroll her/him in Duval HomeRoom distance learning due to COVID-19 for the current school year will have an Individual Distance Learning Plan (IDLP).  

    The Individual Distance Learning Plan:

    • Will be in place until such time as the student returns to a school campus
    • Does not represent a change in the student’s IEP/SP/504 Plan
    • Will be completed by each service provider in collaboration with the parent

    The Individual Distance Learning Plan will document:

    • Collaboration in completing the IDLP
    • Services addressed from the student’s IEP/SP/504 Plan
    • How accommodations will be provided in virtual setting
    • How services from IEP/SP/504 Plans will be provided in the virtual setting
    • Discussions, decisions, concerns from the meeting

    Teachers will monitor student progress and determine what, if any, remediation may be needed either virtually or upon returning to school campuses. IEP meetings will be scheduled at that time, as appropriate.

Students Following General Education Standards

  • Students will follow grade level or course specific Duval HomeRoom lessons and assignments with applicable accommodations.  ESE teacher(s) will provide services and supports in collaboration with the content area teacher(s) for students served in varying exceptionalities (VE)/inclusion. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students Following Access Points in Varying Exceptionalities (VE)/Inclusion

  • Students will utilize grade level or content specific Duval HomeRoom lessons and assignments with modifications provided by the ESE teacher(s) and all applicable accommodations.  Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students Following Access Points Standards in Self-Contained Low Incidence Programs

  • Students who are served in ESE self-contained settings will have live whole group, small group and individualized lessons assigned using appropriate grade level access points curriculum for the entire school day.  Teachers will supplement on-line learning with paper instructional materials adapted from the curriculum for students who are unable to access on-line learning due to their disability. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Students in Prekindergarten (PK)

  • Students served in self-contained settings will receive assignments from their teacher through Teams and/or paper instructional packets. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals.

Related Services

  • Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and/or Mental Health Services will be provided virtually as determined by the Individual Distance Learning Plan in collaboration with the parent/guardian. Services will be provided through online sessions or phone consultations. Home-based individualized activities may also be provided.

IEP/EP/Services Plan

  • All IEP/EP/Services plans will remain active. To encourage social distancing, meetings will be facilitated virtually or by phone. If a parent is unable to participate virtually, a face-to-face meeting will be scheduled while some participants may attend virtually. If a parent has a concern regarding an IEP, contact the child’s teacher.