• Student Guide for Microsoft Teams

  • 1. Go to: oneview.duvalschools.org and log in with your Username and Password (the same ones you use to login to the computers at school).

    A note about usernames:

    If you are using a DCPS device, your username is s + your student ID (Example: s12345678).

    If you are using your own device, your username is your student email address, s + your student ID + @students.duvalschools.org (Example: s12345678@students.duvalschools.org).


    • Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to click on the “waffle” in the upper left corner.

    OneView Screenshot

  • 2. This opens up to all of the Microsoft Apps you have available to you through DCPS.

    • The one you’re going to need for Duval HomeRoom is Teams.
    • Click on Teams.

     Apps Links

  • 3. This is going to open up to the Teams that have been set up for each of your classes. (The names might appear in two different ways.)

    • A name your teacher gave the Team.
    • Or, the way the class is listed in Focus. 

    To open up to the class, you simply click on it. 

    Microsoft Team Dashboard

  • 4. Once in the class, this is what you’ll see. Each class will open up to “General Posts.” This is where you’ll see new assignments and announcements from your teacher.  


  • 5. Along the top of your Team page, you’ll have various tabs. Your teacher may add more, so be sure to pay attention to this area.  

    Dashboard Tab

    • The Files tab is where your teacher may upload class documents. These documents will be read-only, but you can open and download a copy if you would need to.

    • The Class Notebook will open up to your class OneNote. (If your teacher chooses to use this for notes or assignments, they’ll give specific directions regarding that.)

    • The Assignments tab is where you will be able to see all the assignments that have been assigned to you. (We’re going to dig into the assignments feature a little more.)
  • 6. Once you click on “Assignments” this is what you’ll see.

    Assignments Instructions

    1. What has been assigned.
    2. When it’s due.
    3. What you’ve already completed.

    It’s going to be really important for you to pay attention to due dates so you don’t fall behind. 

  • 7. Once you open an assignment, this is what you’ll see. 

    Assignments Dashboard

    1. If the teacher has provided specific instructions, they will show here.

    2. If there are any documents or resources needed for the assignment, they will be here. Click to open and edit them.

    3. If the teacher wants you to upload a new document, click on “+ Add work”

    Your teacher will be able to view and check your progress on an assignment even if you do not turn it in, so if you’re stuck or you’re not sure if you’re doing something correctly, you can ask them to take a look and provide help.

    IMPORTANT: in order for your teacher to know that you are completed with an assignment, you must push the TURN IN button in the top right.

  • Extra tips and tricks: 

    • Download the Teams app on your phone and have access to all your classes there. This will also allow you to get notifications when you have a new assignment available.

    • Remember, your DCPS email address is your Student ID # followed by @students.duvalschools.org (Ex.S1234567@students.duvalschools.org)

    • Stay on top of your assignments and due dates by checking in daily.

    • Remember, to get in contact with your teacher via email or posting a question in Teams if you have any questions or problems.