• It is easy to access your online classroom

    Students, log into HomeRoom/OneView using your student ID and password (the same ones you use to log in to the computers at school).


    A note about usernames and passwords:

    If you are using a DCPS device, your username is s + your student ID (Example: s12345678).

    If you are using your own device, your username is your student email address, s + your student ID + @students.duvalschools.org (Example: s12345678@students.duvalschools.org).


    Need a hint to remember your password? 

    Student passwords are the first letter of their first name in upper case, the two digits of the student's day of birth, the first letter of their last name in lower case, and the last four digits of their social security number.

    If you are John Smith, born on January 9th (01/09) and the last four digits of your social security number are 2345, your password is: J09s2345 

    If no social security number was provided, use the last four digits of your student ID.


    In HomeRoom/Oneview:

    • Students will have one Teams classroom for each regular classroom experience. 
    • Students will be able to communicate with their teacher and view assignments.
    • Once connected, just like regular school, teachers will facilitate your learning experience.