• ESOL Students

    Welcome to Duval HomeRoom – your base for distance learning and education. Our goal is to ensure our ESOL, Dual Language and World Language students continue to learn while they are safe at home. Everything you need to connect in your virtual classroom is on this site.

    We are working diligently to offer our ESOL, DL, and WL students the same learning opportunities, just like everyone else in our new Duval HomeRoom Virtual platform. We will continue to provide all the necessary accommodations to ensure our students are successful in our virtual platform.

    We can do this together for the benefit of all our ELL, DL, and WL students.


    Accessing the Online Classroom

    It is easy to access your online classroom. Students log into Duval HomeRoom using their student ID and password (the same ones you use to log in to the computers at school). In HomeRoom, students will use Microsoft Teams. Learn more with our Microsoft Team Guide. In Microsoft Teams, students:

    • Have one Team classroom for each of your teachers
    • Can communicate with your teacher daily and view assignments

    Children will also use Imagine Learning (K-12), Istation (DL students), and Achieve 3000 Espanol on our Blended Learning Platform, as well as teleconferencing with their teacher.



    Need Support?

    Call us. Click here for parent support contacts.