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    Here is an example of our daily schedule (individual classroom schedules may vary):


    To download a copy of this schedule, CLICK HERE


    Revised Schedule

    *Please do not visit the school to pick up materials for virtual instruction. Everything you need is online. If your child is doing a packet instead of virtual instruction you can only pick up between 11-1 with grab and go lunch outside of the school. We must keep the school environment a safe place for the employees that are working inside of it and have limited people in the building. 
    *If you completed the survey about needing a laptop from the district for your child, please be patient and wait for an email from the district about pick up times and location. You cannot pick up your laptop from the school. These will be passed out by the district. 
    *The daily student schedule is a guide. They can follow it or develop their own. The only thing that will not move is your office hours from 11:10-12:10.  Everything else is at their child's pace. When it says morning meeting at the beginning that is just the kid's time to get in and get familiar with the page for the day. They could post something in their general room of good morning to friends or they could read over their teacher updates. They do not have to be signed in at this time. It's just a suggestion. When it says academic instruction this means this is time for them to work on core assignments and lessons. Again it is flexible and just a suggestion to how the spend their day. It does not mean the teacher is live instructing at this time. 
    *Attendance- Attendance will be taken via FOCUS daily. If your homeroom teacher notices that your child is not logging in consistently or completing a packet your child's present status may be marked to absent. The teacher and guidance office will make an effort to get in contact with the student/parent, but please make sure you are completing home education consistently via Duval Homeroom or packet work.  The packets should be turned in every two weeks. The one for this week will be due on Friday April 3rd.