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  • This is a blog that caters to the Stingray Nation.

    Students and parents can continue to use this link for all things for Duval Homeroom.  

    Remember, this is new to many.  It will take a few days for everyone to get thier feet wet - just as you do at the beginning of any school year.  Be persistent.  If you are having trouble getting into TEAMS you can always email your teacher.  In some cases, where difficulty to get to documents is apparent, please consult FOCUS.  You teacher may have posted the documents as a grade in the grade portal.  The primary source of lesson will be TEAMS, with FOCUS being a secondary source for information.


    March 23, 2020 Virtual Learning - Day 1

    Despite the bumps we are experiencing, there is lots to be greatful for when it comes to the determination of our students.

    Stingray Nation! Great effort on the part of our students who continued to get things done. Some of you were able to join conference calls and video conferences - AWESOME. Teachers were so happy to make some connections. Those who were unable to navigate within TEAMS, please know that once the newness of all this wears down, it will be less frantic and you will find a rhythm.
    For now, please make sure you are attempting to get into TEAMS, and locating the area designated for attendance for each class. Just as teachers normally have to take attendance every day before Spring Break, so too do they have to have attendance in the virtual world.  Information about class attendance will be posted in your individual classes. It is important to prove you are active within TEAMS. If you are still having difficulties, please email your teachers so they can get your status and assist you in any way.
    Remember, all students should be communicating with teachers so they can account for your attendance.  Communication can be in many forms:  completing the attendance form or poll, emailing your concerns to your teachers through your school email, completing and turning in work, being involved in any team conferences that involve teachers.  The more communication teachers have, the better they will be able to assist your needs.
    March 24, 2020 Virtual Learning - Day 2

    Students interaction is increasing through video conferencing, one-on-one calls, work being turned in and monitored as well as a variety of third-party applications that teachers have been using throughout the school year.  Note:  The newest update is that now the video option is available to students.  So now, not only can the students see the teacher, but the teacher can see the students if they choose to use the video function.

    Students do need to read posts from all teachers.  Instructions for how the student will be marked for attendance purposes will be posted in each teacher's classes.  It is important for all students to be accounted for on any given day.  Teachers have been directed to take attendance between the hours of 8 am and 2:50 pm.  If a student is unable to get into teams, it is good practice to just email the teacher and tell them what is happening.

    The FOCUS grade portal has now been a backup plan for some teachers.  In some cases, students can upload completed work into FOCUS, but it doesn’t have the functionality of TEAMS.

    We know that some are still having difficulty getting onto TEAMS and have been directed to let students know they can contact the DCPS helpdesk at 348-5200 if students are unable to log into TEAMS.

    Students have demonstrated locating the Microsoft products by using the OneView Waffle.  This allows student to create documents which then can be uploaded to assignments.  The one thing students must remember when using the Microsoft products within the web browser – it is Microsoft “light.”  It does not have all the bells and whistles that the full Microsoft package has to offer.  If students do not have the full Microsoft package on their home computer, there is an option for all students to obtain this for free.  Please see the instructions in the attachment below.

    The feel of this new way of doing school is still a work in progress.  Many teachers have heard from the mouths of their students “I want to just go back to regular classes.” 

    Teachers say this too. 

    Stay strong, it will get better as we develop a schedule.


    Free Microsoft Software for students