Instructions for incoming 9th grade students: Please scroll at the bottom of the page and find the Planning Sheet that corresponds to your academic program: AP-Honor or IB. Complete the form and email it to Ms. Ibasco at ibascom@duvalschools.org 

    *You may use the course progressions below as a reference.

    Welcome to the Stanton College Preparatory School Course Request page for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please read the steps below and use the document links on this page to plan your course requests.  Many of your course progressions will already be selected for you and you will not be able to change these requests. Current students will have an opportunity to meet with a school counselor or administrator in order to load remaining course progressions.

    **Very important instructions**

    • Your selections must follow the correct course progressions.  Refer to the course sequences and catalog below for guidance
    • You must have eight course requests minimum (combined required progressions and elective choices) and you must also plan to request 3 back-up electives.
    • Your first 8 selections will not have a “priority” number attached.  However, your back-up electives should begin with priority number “2” and so forth sequentially.  (Do not use a priority number “1”)

    **I.B. 12th Graders:  Please make sure you pay close attention to your selection of either a Higher Level or Standard Level course in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science and All World Languages.  The correct class levels corresponding with the courses are clearly marked in the course catalog and the I.B. course progression chart.

    Read these instructions carefully before making your course requests: Click here to view the video tutorial

    If you missed the scheduling meetings, click on the link for the recording: https://tinyurl.com/3nejjwwu

    Virtual Class Fair: https://tinyurl.com/yfbekhmm

    Course Request Steps:

    • Read the entire page and follow the directions carefully
    • Review the Course Catalog and your program of study/course sequence, Honors or IB
    • Review course requirements and prerequisites in the Course Catalog
    • Log on to your Focus student account at https://duval.focusschoolsoftware.com
    • Convert the school year to 2023-2024
    • Find the “My Information” tab and select “Class Requests”
    • Select your course requests on Focus during the 7 day window – many of your progressions will be pre-selected for you.
    • Students will be called to Guidance and Curriculum following the 7 day window to verify and finalize schedule requests

    If a student does not submit a completed planning sheet, their courses will be chosen for them. 

    AP-Honor Course Progression: 2023-2024

    IB Course Progression: 2023-2024

    Elective Course List 2023-2024

    AP-Honors Student Planning Sheet 2023-2024

    IB Student Planning Sheet 2023-2024

    Course Catalog

    Leadership Interest Form 2023