• Instructions for INCOMING Students:

    Welcome to the Stanton College Preparatory School Course Request Page.  Please read the steps below and use the document links to the left to plan your course requests.  As an incoming student, the majority of your course requests will already be selected for you, based on our school course progressions, and you will not be able to change these requests. 


    Step 1 - Watch the Introduction Video

    • Based on your Program of Study (AP or IB)


    Step 2 - Watch the Elective Course Video 

    • Link on side panel
    • Showcases some (but not all) electives offered at Stanton.

    Step 3 - Complete Request Form

    • FORM Link


    Step 4 - Await Final Schedule

    • Usually the week before school opens.
    • Absolutely NO email requests will be honored!


    Step 5 - Request Changes to Schedule

    • Available during orientation & first 3 days of school...ONLY!
    • Absolutely NO email requests will be honored!


    Additional Information

    Virtual info...wording. Students are not allowed to take a class that is part of the required Stanton Curriculum, such as: English 1 Honors, World History Honors, Biology Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Great Books, or HOPE for 9th graders, or classes that are required for subsequent class levels at Stanton. They may take any other elective (upon approval from the Stanton Guidance Department). Students who complete the International Baccalaureate program of study are exempt from this virtual school graduation requirement.


    Honor Code

    We want our students to be committed to integrity and academic excellence. Our code of honor: "I will not give, or receive, or use unauthorized assistance (this includes information from Internet sites) on any assignment, quiz, or examination. More will I tolerate such action by others. I understand that if I have knowledge of a violation of the Integrity Code, I could be considered guilty of a violation myself if I fail to report it," will be something students will have to get accustomed to and adhere to during their time at Stanton. Additionally, teachers use Turnitin.com to check the authentication of the student's work when they submit essays. Parental consent is required for the students (minors) to setup an account with Turnitin.com