• Felicia W. Hardaway
    (904) 924-3081


    This year’s school theme is "NSE...Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made"

    The faculty and staff of North Shore Elementary School pledges to maintain high expectations for all students…while adapting to the changing trends of our world.  The success of this school will only take place with the total participation and support of you, our parents.  Parents MUST be actively involved in the education of their children.  Students need to be in school everyday…on time… and prepared to learn!

    High standards for both academics and behavior will be set at North Shore Elementary School.  Students will be afforded educational opportunities for success.  North Shore Elementary School has designed various instructional programs so that every child can meet the standards.

    With your continued support we have and will, “Put the Pieces Together” (year 1), as we are “All Aboard for Another Great Year” (year 2) committed to student success. “Teamwork will continue to Make the Dream Work” (year 3) as we have and will continue to discover “All the Places You’ll Go” (year 4). “Students, parents, and teachers will continue to "Move Mountains” (year 5), and will “Charge their Super Powers, because North Shore is full of Heroes" (year 6) and continue to use "Learning as OUR Superpower!" (year 7)  All of these things, will "Build a STRONG Foundation" (year 8) and begin to "Build a Road to Greatness" (year 9) in every student we educate.