KMS Bell Schedule 2020 - 2021
    Regular Bell Schedule
    Gen Ed       Bldg 9
    1st 9:30-10:16     9:30-10:16
    2nd 10:20-11:05     10:20-11:05
    3rd 11:09-12:59 Lunch Class/Amazing Ospreys 11:09-11:54
      1st 11:13-11:43 11:47-12:59  
      2nd 11:51-12:21 11:09-11:47, 12:25-12:59  
      3rd 12:29-12:59 11:09-12:25  
    4th 1:03-1:48     11:59-1:01
    Lunch CSS     1:05-1:35
    5th 1:52-2:37     1:39-2:39
    6th 2:41-3:26     2:41-3:26
    7th 3:30-4:15     3:30-4:15

    *Duval HomeRoom Students your lunch time will coordinate with your 3rd person teacher's lunch, please see list below and take your lunch at that time

    1st lunch teachers: Dale, Giaimo, Swank, Roebuck, Robinson, Coffey, Reed, Roldan, Regier, Bell, Polendo, Wilson, Reis, Layton, Stralser, Gineris

    2nd lunch teachers: Kerns, Mayer, Hines, Dodak, Hill, Tippins, K. Fisher, Dudley, Grindle, Duric, Bryant, Garvin

    3rd lunch teachers: McCloud, Doylet, Davis, Araujo, Shannon, Hargrove, Price, Henson, Blackman, Bennett, T. Fisher, Bass, Giddings, Meyerholtz, Norris, Reier, Kappagantu


    *Please note, there will be no early check out after 3:45