Dean Maxey
  • Meet the Dean


    George E. Maxey was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. While growing up in a housing project in Brooklyn, Mr. Maxey’s third grade teacher by the name of John Fox inspired him to pursue a career in education.

    After graduating from high school and receiving an athletic scholarship from Kent State University, Mr. Maxey moved from New York to Ohio. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Kent State University and began his professional career in education as a teacher. He taught Introduction to Citizenship, Economics, American History and American Government. George E. Maxey began his administrative career as Dean of Students at Simons Perkins Middle School in Akron Ohio. He later pursued and obtained his Master of Science in Education from the University of Akron.

    Mr. Maxey continued his upward climb in administration earning additional certificates in Educational Leadership of Middle and Secondary School Principalship and a professional certificate with Curriculum Management Systems as a Walk-Through developer. George E. Maxey became principal of Jean Ribault Middle School and William M. Raines High School from 2004-2011. Mr. Maxey worked as consultant for Pearson, Inc. from 2012-2014. Then he became the Executive Director of New Town Success Zone at EWC from 2015-2019.

    In his 20 plus years as an experienced educator with 15 years as a secondary & middle school administrator; he has skills in implementing program initiatives, optimizing the learning atmosphere, staff development, and promoting a safe learning environment. His practice in the field of education has yielded a proven track record for assisting students in exceeding expectations of academic achievement and a commitment to student-centered learning. Mr. Maxey believes in the village concept for educating children as demonstrated by increasing business partnerships to improve community relationships.