• Arrival: 

    Students can enter the building at 8:15am

    Everyone has a designated entrance: 

    Car riders, bikes and walkers: 

    • Kindergarten will enter through the K gate.
    • Third, Fourth and Fifth will enter through the main gate.
    • First and second will enter through the second set of doors closest to the first grade hallway. 

    All bus riders will enter through the 2nd grade hallway doors. 

    If your child needs to be at school before 8:15am, please contact Extended Day for earlier options. 


    K Gate1st & 2nd Doors3rd, 4th & 5th Gate



    Dismissal begins at 2:45pm on regular school days and at 12:45pm on Early Release days. 

    Walkers are released first, followed by any car riders currently checked in. Bus and day car van riders are dismissed as their transportation arrives. 

    Car riders will be dismissed using Pikmykid.