Welcome to R.V.Daniels Elementary, A DEDICATED Gifted and Academically Talented Magnet School.  This 2018-2019 begins with R.V.D. graded as an A school. The students, faculty and staff worked hard to make our A grade a reality and we are ready to do it again.  We are very excited that you are a member of our school and learning community. This is our third year as a DEDICATED Magnet School and every passing year gets better and better.  We have a small, student focused, nurturing, and engaging learning environment.  R.V.D provides a culture of mutual respect and high academic achievement through a rigorous instructional program that will prepare students to be college and career ready. We are ready to develop another blockbuster year and cannot wait to picture the possibilities that are in store for our students and staff! 

    Lashawn Caldwell

    Principal with pink wig and boa holding a book next to a student