Headshot of Assistant Principal Cassandra Smith
  • As an educator in Duval County Public Schools for over 18 years, Ms. Smith is a proud member of Raider Nation and Team Duval. Her journey with Duval County Public Schools started at Mandarin Middle School, where she shared a love for Mathematics as an instructor for 5 years. Her path continued to Twin Lakes Academy Middle as a Math teacher, and after 2 years she landed at Arlington Middle where she spent 9 years as a Math teacher, 8th Grade Team Lead, Math Interventionist, and Math Coach.

    From there, she worked with Gear-Up for 2 years before transitioning to Middle School Region Specialist with the district. These roles led her to Westside Middle School, where she proudly serves as Assistant Principal. Ms. Smith is proud to be a part of the Raider Nation family and she is extremely excited to continue to work with students, faculty, parents, and partners in the community.

     One of Ms. Smith’s primary roles as an educational leader is to instill a love of learning in others, as she shares her own passion for lifelong learning with them. Her desire is to help teachers and students develop and meet their fullest potential by believing in them as capable individuals. She is committed to ensuring the highest standard of learning is provided to every student in Raider Nation!

  • Mrs. Smith serves as Westside Middle School's Title IX coordinator.