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     Principal's Message - January 24, 2022

    Hi TJ Family!I hope you have had a relaxing weekend. I would like to congratulate Mrs. Ashley Galligher, who was recognized as our Teacher of the Year last night at the Eddy Awards!

    This is Literacy Week, and we have a schedule of activities this week promoting reading and writing. I have attached the schedule to the e-mail version of this message. Tomorrow's theme is "Reading is Fun in the Sun". Students may bring sunglasses, hats, and beach towels for reading outdoors if weather permits. We have a Vocabulary Parade on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Students will dress to describe the vocabulary word carried on their sign. Please refer to the flyer for more details. It was sent home with students and e-mailed to parents last week.We have a SAC meeting tomorrow, January 24th, at 4:30 in the cafeteria. All are invited to SAC. Refreshments will be provided by Jones Road Baptist Church.Wednesday, January 26th, is an Early Release Day. School will dismiss at 1:15.Multiple Intelligences Night, which was scheduled for Thursday, has been cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19.I would like to thank the parents who have kept their children home when they have Covid or symptoms of Covid. Parents should e-mail a copy of the positive test results when notifying the school that their children have tested positive. Results can be sent to Mrs. Queener at queenerd@duvalschools.org. Remember that students who test positive may return after 10 days (including weekends) or a negative test or a note from a medical doctor, whichever comes first. Stay safe and have a wonderful week!Mrs. TurnerPrincipal

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