Principal: Lori Turner











    Principal's Message - September 7, 2021

    Hi TJ Family!
    I hope you are enjoying your 3-day weekend! Remember that we have a virtual Open House Thursday from 6:00-7:30. I also want to give you a couple of updates. As you know, for 90 days starting tomorrow, students are required to wear masks at school unless parents provide a medical opt-out form. That form is found in Focus. It must be signed by a physician and returned to the school. All students who do not have that form on file are required to wear a mask.

    I would like to announce that parents and visitors who are wearing masks may come inside the main office for business affairs if they so desire. The PTA Board and its committees may meet on campus in areas not occupied by students. We are hopeful that our rate of Covid cases will decrease and that we can soon become more accessible to our families. Have a wonderful week!

    Mrs. Turner