Homeroom Team  


    •Expect that Duval Homeroom will be much like real school.


    •The expectations are that we keep pace with the students that are doing school face to face is to ensure a smooth transition back into school.


    •The expectations are a lot higher because we are planning to cover the same amount of materials at the same pace as the face to face classes.


    •There are specific times for live lessons.


    •During the time students are online with the teacher, parents can help access materials but are NOT to help with classwork/instruction. Please treat this as if they are in brick and mortar setting.



    There are step by step instructions for accessing teams on the district website. From www.duvalschools.org scroll down and then click on the Homeroom/Oneview button.... or click the following link to go straight there. 





     Click link below to see behavior the expectations for live Duval Homeroom lessons

    Student expectations for live lessons