Contrina Bolden Principal





    Welcome to Timucuan Elementary School, where we strive to make learning engaging and fun! I feel extremely fortunate to be the principal of a school with such wonderful children, a motivated and dedicated staff, and parents who work with us to create an environment that facilitates student learning through a wide variety of innovative and collaborative methods and activities. I have had a life-long passion for working with children and feel very grateful for the opportunity to serve in this role.  Our faculty and staff are highly committed to providing the most rewarding education possible and making the process of learning an enjoyable experience. Your child's education is our top priority!  We look forward to working together with you to make your child’s educational experience a positive one. As we embrace the 2024-2025 school year, the teachers continue to use more research-based strategies to promote high student achievement through the integration of the 4 C’s (Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking).  We feel strongly that the initiatives already in place provide a strong foundation for exceptional learning.  This along with the support of our families and community makes Timucuan Elementary an amazing place to learn and work.

    I am truly honored to be part of such a caring, compassionate, and hard-working school family. As your principal, I promise to keep students at the forefront of every decision we make as a school.  We will strive to teach and provide students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to have a successful future.  We will encourage and teach curiosity, problem-solving, and instill a life-long love of learning!   In partnership with families, we will continue to build and nurture a strong sense of community, exuding joy and belonging while providing engaging, student-centered learning experiences for all our students and contribute to the positive climate of the school, which focuses on our Guidelines to Success:

    Courage to try

    Honor other differences

    Interact positively with everyone

    Encourage one another

    Focus on your learning

    Strive to do your best


    I am excited about all that we will accomplish together in support of your children. I encourage you to reach out to us to share ideas, questions, or kudos. I wish your students and your family a school year filled with health, happiness, joy, and success!

    Sincerely Young Minds Bloom Here,

    Contrina Bolden