PRIDE Academy


    Vision Statement:

    The vision of the P.R.I.D.E program is to aid in the development of healthy decision making and increase positive social interactions through providing positive response interventions in every classroom, for every student, every day to help decrease behavior challenges. 


    The PRIDE Academy is a behavior management system that provides a structured framework of behavioral support and feedback to build and shape positive behavior skills.  It is designed for students to learn appropriate behavior through clearly defined behavioral expectations and rewards, privileges, and consequences linked to those expectations.  The program includes a level system, rewards & incentives, therapeutic support, and positive behavioral interventions.   


    The goal is to reduce behavioral decisions that interfere with a student’s ability to maximize his/her success.  There are specific criteria for advancement to the next level where the student can enjoy more desirable contingencies.  Students who proceed through the levels demonstrate increased ability to self-manage and handle more responsibility- and therefore enjoy greater independence. 

    The success of any behavior plan depends on the plan being implemented consistently.  The behavior management system is facilitated through verbal feedback that is translated into points on the point sheet.  The points determine advancement through levels. 

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