National Principal Appreciation Month


  • October is National Principals Month. What Is National Principals Month?

    Through visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of success for each student, principals guide and support their schools in ways large and small every day. And as we faced new challenges presented by COVID-19, our principals came through when it mattered most. National Principals Month is our way of honoring their dedication and thanking them for all they’ve done.

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Principal of the Year Finalists

  • We are excited to share our finalists for Principal of the Year.  The following outstanding principals have been selected to represent each of their regions:


    Elementary Region:

    Principal Dennis of Fishweir is the Elementary Region Principal of the Year

    Principal Kimberly Dennis, Fishweir Elementary School

    The Elementary Region is proud to be represented by Kimberly Dennis.  Principal Dennis is a very compassionate and student-teacher-family focused leader.  One of her colleagues shared that as an assistant principal, Mrs. Dennis guided and mentored her in various ways to become an effective leader at her own school, often meeting to create plans.  Mrs. Dennis has unbelievable energy and drive to connect with her school community.  Another principal described her as a "teaching principal" and said her positivity is contagious.  "She has been a motivator, encourager, and friend."  


    ISI Region:

    Principal Shirley Winfrey at Hyde Park Elementary

    Principal Shirley Winfrey, Hyde Park Elementary School

    Ms. Winfrey is a highly respected leader among principals in Duval County Public Schools. She moved Hyde Park Elementary School from a school grade of ‘F’ to ‘C’ in one year. She has radically improved the learning environment at Hyde Park Elementary with a reduction in behavior referrals, improved attendance, and teacher recruitment and retention. Her expertise in standards based instruction is evidenced in the academic success of all of her students. She keeps current with professional development and best instructional practices. She works closely with her principal colleagues and her instructional staff to ensure instructional delivery, student work, instructional resources, and assessments are aligned with Florida Standards in all of her classrooms.  It is easy to see why she was selected ISI's Principal of the Year.


    Middle School Region:

    Principal Marilyn Barnwell from duPont Middle School

    Principal Marilyn Barnwell, Alfred duPont Middle School

    The Middle School Region is honoring Principal Marilyn Barnwell from duPont Middle School this year.  Principal Barnwell is among the Distinguished Leaders class of 2019.  She epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader.  Not only does Ms. Barnwell stand shoulder to shoulder with her teachers as an instructional leader, each year she volunteers as principal mentor to those aspiring to be assistant principals and principals.  She currently leads the Principal Mentoring Project comprised of first year principals and their mentors.  Principal Barnwell is committed to making every day count!


    Region of Hope:

    Principal Dean Ledford from Fletcher High School

    Principal J. Dean Ledford, Duncan Fletcher High School

    Representing our High School Region of Hope is Fletcher Principal James "Dean" Ledford.  Principal Ledford has kept Fletcher High School as the pride of the beaches! He brought the Senators back to their “A” School status and has no plans of letting it go. The Communications Team recognized Dean Ledford  for his handling of a recent issue impacting his school, and Mr. Ledford handled it like a seasoned media pro. His performance was a textbook example of staying on message and taking control of the interview.  Thank you Principal Ledford for continuing to lead with integrity and courage! Go Senators!

Recognize Your Principal

  • Send an e-card to your principal. A few words of appreciation go a long way with our hard-working school leaders.

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Assistant Principal of the Year Finalists

  • We are excited to announce our regional finalists for Team Duval Assistant Superintendent of the Year


    Elementary Region:

    Assistant Principal Darrell Edmunds from Love Grove Elementary

    Assistant Principal Darrell Edmunds, Love Grove Elementary School

    Darrell Edmunds claims the spotlight as our DCPS Assistant Principal of the Year!  Mr. Edmunds has consistently gone above and beyond to serve the students, staff, and families of our district.  At Mandarin Oaks Elementary, he stepped up to the plate as the Principal Designee during a uniquely challenging season as the district transitioned online.  While the Principal was on maternity leave, he took responsibility for all administrative duties in addition to maintaining the momentum of his typical duties including Testing Coordinator, PLC Facilitator, implementing positive behavior supports for students and coordinating all school-wide communication.  He also helped on-board and mentor a brand-new Assistant Principal to the school, modeling the servant leadership role.  Mr. Edmunds’ commitment continues in his new role as Assistant Principal of Love Grove Elementary.  This year, he has developed a network of mentorship and mutual support among aspiring and current Assistant Principals.  His dedication to excellence, talent for communication, and ability to build trusting relationships are just a few of the reasons he has been chosen as our Assistant Principal of the Year! 


    ISI Region:

    Assistant Principal Corprew from Arlington Middle

    Assistant Principal Lisa Corprew, Arlington Middle School

    Ms. Lisa Corprew is the ISI Assistant Principal of the Year. Ms. Corprew was an integral part of the Administrative Team that led Arlington Middle from a letter grade of ‘D’ to a ‘C’ in 2019. Showcasing her ability to be a team player, she moved mid-year in 2019-2020 to Highlands Middle to provide support in critical need areas. Her presence instantly improved school culture and learning environment. Ms. Corprew returned to Arlington Middle this school year to support their new Principal, Ms. Harvey and continue to build upon previous success. She possesses the ability to communicate positively with all stakeholders. Her strong and quiet confidence promotes a calm and focused school environment. She has the ability to listen intently to those around her and respect the ideas and opinions that are being presented.  This ability to show respect to everyone while remaining fair and consistent has created a culture of trust at the schools she has supported.


    Middle School Region:

    AP Lori Westberry from Southside Middle

    Assistant Principal Lori Westberry, Southside Middle School

    Ms. Westberry has been selected as the Middle School Region Assistant Principal of the Year. Her experience ranges from Baldwin Jr-Sr High to Mandarin Middle and now leading mathematics instruction and curriculum at Southside Middle School. Ms. Westberry is a continuous support for her curriculum colleagues, as she serves as the lead APC for the middle school region. She is always willing to provide support and a listening ear to her fellow APs and we feel like she is a wonderful representation of a lead Assistant Principal.


    Region of Hope:

    Atlantic Coast Assistant Principal Marie George

    Assistant Principal Marie George, Atlantic Coast High School

    Congratulations to Marie George, Assistant Principal at Atlantic Coast High School, for being the Region of Hope’s AP of the year. She is one of the best Assistant Principals of Curriculum in DCPS and has been instrumental with helping our entire Region with the smooth opening of schools using multiple models of learning, including distance learning, hybrid learning, and learning at the school. Ms. George never shies away from helping teachers and students in her building as well as her colleagues throughout Duval County Public Schools! 


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