1. Terry Parker High School

    School – Parent Compact

    2020 – 2021


    1. Terry Parker High School will:
    • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supporting and effective learning environment that enables the participating children to meet the New Florida Standards in the following way:
      1. Using high quality research based instructional materials
      2. Providing focused instruction
      3. Implementing the strategies outlines in the School Improvement Plan
    • Create an effective communication system to keep parents informed regarding their child’s progress by:
      1. Holding parent-teacher conferences
      2. Providing parents with reports on their children’s progress during the midpoint of each quarter
      3. Scheduling parent conferences with teachers by contacting the school office or during the teachers’ planning time. In addition, teachers will communicate with parents through the email system (OneView), individual teachers websites and Duval Connect

    School agrees to:

    Parent agrees to:

    Student(s) agree to:

    Based on Student Performance Date:

    ·         Provide a safe, secure environment on a closed campus with adequate security (Contact to local law enforcement when necessary)

    ·         Employ a staff that is well trained and/or certified in maintaining a safe, educational environment

    ·         Maintain a safe climate, with a positive atmosphere suitable for learning for all students\Provide students with a foundation for continuous learning

    ·         Enforce the Student Dress Code by providing alternative clothing if needed

    ·         Provide a challenging curriculum that is aligned to the Florida Academic Standards

    ·         Promote student achievement and success addressing all learning styles and accommodations

    ·         Employ highly trained professionals(teachers, administrators and staff) who promote the highest quality in education

    ·         Provide every opportunity for students to achieve academic success

    ·         Contact the school with any concerns over attendance, behavior or academic completion

    ·         Contact their individual student during regular class hours through the school office only

    ·         Support students in their learning and completion of all classes, all assignment and all class activities

    ·         Assist their students in seeking and receiving and additional help

    ·         Have access to all curricular materials and their student’s class work in order to monitor his/her progress

    ·         Provide every opportunity for their student to achieve academic success

    ·         Accept the responsibility of maintaining a safe, secure learning environment by accepting this compact

    ·         Put in 100% effort in all class activities and all assignments at all times in order to meet the requirements for graduation

    ·         Ask for help on any assignments they do not understand order to achieve to the best of their ability

    ·         Complete all classes and all assignment appropriately to the best of their ability

    ·         Adhere to all polices as outlines in the Duval County School Student Code of Conduct Handbook