• Duval County Public Schools



    Our Vision is to ensure every student is inspired and prepared for success in college or in their career and life.


    Our Mission is to provide educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.


    Responsibility: We foster learning that leads to independence by upholding individual and collective commitments to creating a community of learners.

    Knowledge: We foster lifelong learning in children and adults to be prepared to participate in the global economy.

    Trust: We foster positive relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, and the consistent demonstrations of actions.

    Compassion: We foster an environment of equity and empathy that respects differences and values diversity.




    Arlington Middle School



    The mission of Arlington Middle School is to deliver quality instruction to set a foundation for student success in high school, college, and career.. 



    Arlington Middle School will partner with community stakeholders and families in the Arlington Community to ensure every student has the resources and opportunity to excel academically, socially and emotionally. Every Student. Every Day.