• Hours of Student Supervision

    School Hours: 9:30am - 4:25 p.m.

    Students will be allowed into the building no earlier than 9:05am.

    Please do not leave your child before 9:05am, as no staff members will be on site to supervise and ensure their safety until that time.

    Students are dismissed in waves.  All students will be dismissed by 4:25 p.m. 

    All students must exit the building unless they are signed-up for an after-school program.

    Any student in the building after dismissal must:

    1. Have a participation form signed by a parent on file.

    2. Be Documented on the After-School Program Roster

    3. Stay in the designated location for that program

    4. Remain under the supervision of the Designated Adult

    5. Comply with the same policies, procedures & protocols in place during the school day.

    Any student who fails to meet these expectations will be removed from the after-school program roster and will no longer be allowed in the building after final dismissal. 

    Please note that the faculty/staff members responsible for the safety of our students are under no obligation to be present before 9:05 am or after 4:25pm.  Those who choose to take on roles that require them to be present outside of these hours do so voluntarily and with the understanding that they are responsible for closely supervising any student participating in that program for as long as that student is on school grounds.  

    Any student participating in any after-school program who refuses to follow the directions of the supervising adult will be considered a liability and risk being immediately withdrawn from participation in any/all after-school programs and/or events.