Reminders about the policy and/or warnings will only be provided during the first week of school. 
    Uniform Shirts Must Be Worn Every Day & Must Match the Grade Level Designation:
    6th Grade- GRAY POLO
    7th Grade- BLUE POLO
    8th Grade- RED POLO
    Students May Wear the Grade Appropriate "SPIRIT SHIRT" on Fridays Only.
    Only Uniform Hoodies are allowed to be worn on campus. Jackets/Coats must be worn open to display the correct uniform shirt. 
    UNIFORM SHIRTS May Be Purchased Online at
    Uniform Vendor
    Uniform Bottoms: (All uniform pants and shorts must be worn secured at the waistline)
    • PLAIN and SOLID Khaki or BLACK pants, shorts, or capris (NO JEANS, DENIM, JEGGINGS, LEGGINGS, ETC.)
    • Shorts must not be more than 2-inches above the back of the knee. 
    • Skirts only permitted to be worn for documented religious purposes. 
    • No rips, holes, or frayed edges/hems in clothing. 
    Shoes and Socks: 
    • Casual or gym shoes are permitted. Sandals with a back strap are permitted. 
      • Heels must be lower than 1 inch
      • Backless shoes, flip flops, slippers, slides or bedroom shoes are not permitted
      • Socks are to be worn under the pant leg.
    Additional Layer of Clothing to Keep Warm: Jackets may be worn over the uniform shirts and must remain fully unzipped wihile on campus. 
    Prohibited Items: 
    • Hats, Bandanas, Ski Masks and Sweatbands are NOT permitted on campus. *Refer to DCPS Code of Conduct
    • Purses that are larger than a sheet of paper (8.5" x 11").
    • Non-mesh or non-clear backpacks/bags are NOT allowed on campus. (See Backpack Policy)
    Dress Down Days: Dress Down Days are designated by the school; comply with the DCPS Dress Code Policy.
    Student I.D. Badges: ID badges on lanyards (ID set) are a part of the uniform and must be worn around the neck to enter the building and while on campus. IDs are checked upon entering campus. Every student will receive one complimentary ID set for the school year. 
    The Benefit of Having Student IDs:
    • Promotes a safe school environment.
    • Allows for quick accesst o obtain services in the cafeteria.
    Students without IDs: 
    • will be directed to report to the Main Office upon arrival to campus. 
    • will be provided with a new ID set, parent will be contacted and a $5.00 fee will be added to the student's debt list for each occurrence. (All debts must be paid in full in order for students to be eligible to participate in school sponsored activites such as 8th Grade Week/Moving Up Ceremony, school dance, field day, college tours, etc.). 
    Non-compliance will result in one of the following outcomes for each occurrence: 
    • Discipline referral for a Dress Code Violation with an assigned consequence. 
    • Repeat violations will result in progressive consequences being administered (i.e. detention, ISSP, etc.)

    ** The policies are reviewed and revised on an annual basis. Input can be provided during monthly SAC and Shared Decision Meetings.**