• 1-800-Injured Donates To Jacksonville Public Schools

    Posted by Wayman Graham on 4/10/2021 12:35:00 PM

    From big cities to national capitals to small towns and to your backyard, it is difficult to measure the impact this pandemic will have. However, we are blessed to have essential workers on the frontlines keeping our health in mind and our spirits high. In light of how hard COVID has hit homes worldwide, it is worth noting community leaders contributing in a collective time of need. One such organization is 1-800-Injured, a lawyer and medical referral service based in South Florida, working with personal injury victims, medical specialists, and attorneys across the state. This established business has had a positive impact when we all needed it most — that is evident in how and when 1-800-Injured decided to give back.

    Proven Attorney and Medical Referral Service Gives Back

    Public schools in Florida, along with other parts of the country, have been working with students and families to bring kids back safely to school. Students in Jacksonville, a prime spring break destination, face increased risk and exposure in these uncertain times. Add to that being a victim of personal injury. The stress would be overwhelming. Do not panic because these referral services authorities are here to help you. If you were hurt in an accident someone else caused, call 1-800-Injured for a free consult today. 1-800-Injured strives to make connecting with a lawyer and/or medical provider in your area simpler and less stressful. At 1-800-Injured, the mission is to find attorneys and medical professionals equipped to serve your needs as soon as possible.

    Thousands of Dollars in School Supplies Granted

    Local Florida officials are struggling to keep up with the changing dynamics of the classroom and families looking to fulfill the student’s academic needs. Areas like Panama City Beach, Jacksonville, and Gainesville are travel hotspots whose resources may be strained in coming weeks. Luckily, companies like 1-800-Injured are giving back by contributing thousands in school supplies to public schools in the area. 1-800-Injured will be donating $3,000 in much-needed pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and other materials. They are doing their part to help these kids recover from a trying year.

    Seasoned Lawyer Referral Specialists

    COVID has negatively affected people’s financial situations as well as their mental health. Around four in ten adults in the U.S. report signs of anxiety or depression — up from one in ten in 2019. That being said, accidents happen. Our lives did not stop when the pandemic started. And, understandably, things can seem to be piling up by now.

    Personal Injury

    Since 2014, 1-800-Injured has been simplifying connecting with attorneys and medical providers. With a growing database of legal and medical services, you will be connected to a qualified and diligent lawyer in your area and to the medical services that you need.


    Contact 1-800-Injured and connect with an attorney who can take your case right away. 1-800-Injured has hundreds of attorneys and medical providers to provide you peace of mind and confidence in working with proven representatives.

    Professional Legal and Medical Provider Referral

    1-800-Injured is Jacksonville’s proven lawyer and medical referral service. They work with medical specialists, attorneys, and personal injury victims across the state to connect them swiftly and securely. With 1-800-Injured, you have a dynamic group of knowledgeable and aggressive representatives by your side, connecting you to the right legal and/or medical specialist. Service providers are standing by to hear from you — don’t wait, call 1-800-Injured today.


    If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident that was not your fault, do not worry or stress for another second. 1-800-Injured finds you proven attorneys and medical specialists who are available as soon as possible. This referral service connects you with lawyers and medical providers in your area. Call these experienced professionals who connect to the right legal and/or medical service provider simple.


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