• Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

    CBI helps students develop age-appropriate skills for functioning outside the school environment. It will ultimately prepare them for a successful transition to adulthood after graduation and help them live independently, thus enhancing their quality of life.

    CBI is hands-on instruction that is first implemented on the school campus and eventually during trips to community locations. A critical component of CBI is the involvement of parents and community members (businesses, teachers, and local establishments).  CBIs are selected based on students' individualized IEP goals and/or objectives. Oak Hill Academy focuses on the following domains:

    • Domestic: self-care & grooming, wellness, nutrition, cooking, laundry, and housekeeping.
    • Vocational: career exploration, employability skills, instructions, rules, and schedules. 
    • Community: transportation, shopping, and restaurants.
    • Recreation & Leisure: crafts, games, parks, bowling, and movies.

    Academic, communication and social skills are incorporated into CBIs and may include the following:

    • Advocating for oneself
    • Following a shopping list
    • Purchasing groceries
    • Doing laundry
    • Locating, carrying, and/or purchasing items from a store
    • Attending community events
    • Ordering food in a restaurant

    CBI trips benefit students, parents/caregivers, educational staff, and the community!

    • Students: increase important age-appropriate behaviors in community settings, independence, mobility, and the ability to generalize skills and knowledge in new situations.
    • Parents/caregivers:  increase commitment, communication, cooperation, and participation in planning, programming, and skills identification.
    • Educational Staff: increase creativity, commitment, and motivation.
    • Communities: increase awareness of the potential of individuals with disabilities and school/private sector partnerships.